JAS History

The tale of a successful business

This story of business success begins with a young man, Jim Schmoyer, who graduated from Kutztown University with a teaching degree and a drive to succeed. While Jim pursued his passion becoming a school teacher during the school year, he filled his extra time working at a Carvel store in Dorneyville. This went on for four years and nearly every day of those years he observed how the store could be run differently, more profitably and more efficiently. When the store owners presented him the opportunity to purchase the business he accepted and excelled. Within a year of becoming his own boss he received an award from Carvel for the largest increase in mix sales in the nation. When the confines of the franchise began to halt his forward progress this determined business man decided to start an independent ice cream store, Ice Cream World. Room to grow was a necessity, so literally overnight he moved and opened for business the next morning in his new location.

One goal Jim had was to increase profit margins. To do this he had to be able to purchase the supplies for less than he currently could, thus began JAS Wholesale. JAS was unique in that customers were able to purchase supplies as needed, not being required to purchase items by the case when only a jar was needed. Catering to the small business was a niche JAS filled quite effectively. As the business grew so did JAS’ reputation for fair business and impeccable service. In 1988 Jim’s wife, Nadine joined JAS. She too is a business savvy person, and with her added experience in the field, the couple continued to increase the business to new levels. JAS outgrew the small warehouse in the Ice Cream World building, and after an exhaustive search the current location of JAS Wholesale was acquired. In April 2000 JAS began to call the facility located at 4501 Colebrook Avenue, Emmaus, PA home. This facility was in need of some updating. After it was gutted and totally refurbished a 40’ x 80’freezer was constructed onsite to house the frozen items sold by JAS, and the Eskimo Pie frozen yogurt for which JAS is a Master Distributor.

JAS joined the “big leagues” and held its first annual trade show in 2002. This show was considered by all a success and future trade shows have proven equally so. Though JAS has grown from its humble beginnings, Jim and Nadine never forget how the business was when they began, and they now cater to the small and large alike. Unmatchable service is their credo and they pride themselves in a job well done.

Now a new generation has appeared (much to Jim & Nadine’s delight)….their daughter and son-in law have joined the business. After Kim and Allen graduated from Millersville University and married, they experienced life together and had the chance to spread their wings. Then, one night the phone call that would change the future of JAS was placed to the Schmoyers, and the MacIvers stated, “You know what you were talking to us about; we have a list of 100 questions we need to ask you?” A meeting was scheduled and when it ended both parties agreed that Kim and Allen would relocate and learn the business that is JAS.

Now you know our history. We would like you to meet our staff.